WORK // Just Some Random Work Stuff

  • The Lively Show

    Three Awesome Podcasts to Listen to While Driving Through Traffic

    Metro Manila traffic is hell.  I spend an average of four hours on the road — two hours going to work and another two hours going home.  There are days when I opt to just avail of the services of the uber reliable Uber because driving through traffic can be excrutiatingly exhausting!  Taking Uber everyday is painful […] Read more…

  • Kate Spade Planner 1

    Office Partner: The Kate Spade Planner

    Coming into 2016, I said that I wanted going to be more organized this year.  I’m the type of person who is more organized and productive with the help of a planner, though admittedly I sometimes forget to use it.  I know we’re already halfway through January but if you’re still undecided on which planner […] Read more…

PLAY// Travel, Blogging, Artistic Attempts

  • Urban Ashram Yoga

    A Strong Core

    “Strengthening your core can help you avoid falls.  Without a strong core, every pose you do is in danger of falling apart from the inside out.” – Yoga Journal Core strength is intimately linked to balance, because the core muscles serve as stabilizers for the entire body.  You may be shaken by a challenging yoga […] Read more…

  • Urban Ashram Yoga Manila

    #UrbanYoga2016: Taking Yoga Outdoors

    Waking up at 5:00 on a Sunday morning for Urban Yoga 2016 was worth it.  I’m sure the hundreds of others who graced the event feel the same way.  Urban Yoga 2016 was organized by Urban Ashram Yoga, the premier center for the study of yoga here in Manila, and was held at the Ayala Triangle Gardens […] Read more…

SELF & SOUL // Thoughts, Reflections, Interviews

  • Community

    On Community

      Oh my, hello.  I can’t believe I’m writing again.  I’m finally back from my blogging hiatus or, as I would like to call it, my “blog sabbatical”.  Thank you to those who have prayed for me and have sent their well-wishes — they are very much appreciated.  I’m happy to say that right now, […] Read more…

  • Elections

    I’m voting for them.

    With less than a week to go before the elections and with social media becoming more toxic as the day approaches, I know that this article is a bit late.  However I’d like to share something that’s been in my heart since the election hullabaloo started. I’m not telling you which candidates I’m voting for, but […] Read more…

REVIEWS// Fun Finds and Favorite Things!

  • FullSizeRender (7)

    Sending Love and Support through Technology

    One of the highlights of my trip last year was meeting fellow Filipinos who have been living abroad for years to decades now.  On the photo above is Natalie who works at a souvenir shop in Rome.  I shared on my Instagram that she’s an only child from La Union who’s working so hard so […] Read more…

  • Luminisce BGC

    Luminous Inside and Out

    I’ve had dry skin for as long as I remember, and it can be quite uncomfortable, especially during the summer or when the weather is really cold.  I know that people with dry skin are more prone to getting wrinkles (huhu) and since I’m turning 30 this year (huhuhuhuhu), I finally resolved to pay extra […] Read more…