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[In Her Suitcase] Ces Reyes

In Her Suitcase - Interviews

In Her Suitcase is a section on Pink My Ride that turns the spotlight on women who inspire me, who can inspire you, and who try to create their best lives by coloring their journeys in their own unique and remarkable ways.

Today’s In Her Suitcase features Ces Reyes — young mother, party crafter, celebration lover, and the blogger behind One Charming Day!

Camera 360I met Ces in one of Martine De Luna’s Make It Blissful workshops.  When I first visited her website, it was crystal clear how much this girl loves celebrating life and its “charming moments”, and she wants to inspire others to do the same!

Read on as she shares her journey toward discovering her inner creativity.  She also shares how her blog has evolved from a site that merely features wedding ideas, to an online space that encourages everyone to celebrate life’s big and little charms, and to color every party and celebration with love and meaning.

PMR: So, what’s keeping you busy lately?

Ces: Being a full-time work at home mom, I guess you can say I am busy all the time, haha! But aside from that, what keeps me extra busy is my party inspirations blog, One Charming Day.  Also, I am in the process of redesigning my blog so I have been reading tutorials and teaching myself new code and design tricks.  Geeky stuff, I know.  Haha!

PMR: Can you tell us a bit more about your journey as a woman driving to her dreams?  What brought you to where you are now?  And what else are you doing to take you there?

Ces: My love for celebrations began when I was planning my wedding. I was looking for wedding ideas and I stumbled upon various wedding blogs which I enjoyed browsing for hours on end. I’ve always loved blogging and so I decided to create my personal wedding blog to document our wedding preparations. Even after the wedding, I still continued to collect wedding inspirations and still enjoyed looking at wedding and lifestyle blogs and that was when I decided to create One Charming Day.


It started as a blog featuring wedding and engagement ideas but when I started planning my daughter’s birthday and posted my DIY party decors and party printables for her birthday, I received lots of messages from fellow moms giving nice compliments and asking about my DIYs.  I also started receiving kiddie party submissions from different event suppliers and I found myself enjoying featuring parties more. Many friends have also requested me to create party printables for them. Eventually, I focused more on kids’ parties and other celebrations.

patty-24The setup during Ces’ daughter Patty’s birthday.  How cute! :)

Aside from blogging, I am also working as a Data Researcher for a US company, at the same time, I am learning about web design and development. 

PMR:  Any amazing discoveries about yourself along your journey?

Ces:  I am surprised about how creative I can be. I really do not consider myself to be very adept when it comes to art, I am not even good at drawing, but I really enjoy designing (mostly digital design) and crafting.

Party PrintablesCes’ party printables!

PMR: What does “coloring the journey” mean to you?

Ces: Coloring the journey for me means celebrating life and learning and taking joy in every experience life has to offer.


PMR: Life is a journey and in every trip or journey, we bring suitcases.  Inside our “life suitcases” are the lessons we have picked up along the journey that we take with us wherever we go.  What’s in your suitcase?  (Name 1-3 of the most important lessons that you carry with you.)

Ces: 1) Trust in the Lord that everything will happen in the right time. Things don’t always go our way and when that happens, we just have to trust in His plans.

2) Always believe in yourself.  Sometimes the only person who stops us from pursuing our dreams is our own self.

3) It is perfectly fine to make mistakes.  As cliché as it may sound, it is by making mistakes that we learn and become a better person.


Thank you, Ces, for your time!  Let us all make every celebration pretty and of course, fun and meaningful!  Don’t forget to visit One Charming Day for party ideas! :)

[In Her Suitcase] Turning 28: What We Know So Far

 In Her Suitcase - Interviews

In Her Suitcase is a section on Pink My Ride that turns the spotlight on women who inspire me, who can inspire you, and who try to create their best lives by coloring their journeys in their own unique and remarkable ways.

Aisa and Daisy 2

This is a special kind of In Her Suitcase interview because it’s my birthday week!  This edition is called In Our Suitcases, because it’s a collaboration with my fellow April babies and two of my dearest friends whom I admire so much — Aisa Dela Cruz and Daisy Borlongan.  We all turn 28 this month, and we’ve been having joint birthday celebrations for as long as I can remember!

This interview has only one question: At 28 years old, what do you know so far?

We’re no life experts (far from it!), but what we have to say are based on our personal 28-year journeys.  Read on as we candidly share thoughts, lessons, and realizations that we’ve picked up along the way! :)

Lessons on Family

On Family

Aisa: Always find a way to help your parents or give back.  They bore you into the world and raised you, so helping them and giving back is a must. As the eldest, I learned that you have to be responsible and be a leader to be respected, admired and for your younger siblings to follow suit and be good people themselves. Always protect them. Lastly, practice how you want your future family to be, with your family now.

Daisy: LOVE.

Carmel: Time runs pretty fast, and life is unpredictable.  Spend as much quality time with them as possible.


Serena and Blair

Aisa: Always have a spare something for your friends when you go out. Spare change, spare shoes, spare clothes, spare plastic and canvas bags, spare toiletries and medicines. You never know what may happen!

Daisy: “The right people, the ones who really belong in your life, will come to you, and stay.” – from Will Smith!  Also, friendship will make you do things you’re not used to!  Like sharing life learnings online!  (Right, Carms?  Haha lol.)

Carmel: Funny how really good friends of mine (these two included) sometimes make me go WTF but really, I couldn’t imagine going through the journey without them!

Dating and Relationships

Mary and Matthew.jpg


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