Lessons from a Stressful Week

We all have hectic weeks.  I’m sure you’ve experienced weeks that were physically, emotionally, and mentally draining, when you wanted to just fall onto your bed at the end of each day and doze off.  The worst part is feeling very exhausted in the morning when the day hasn’t even started!  The past week has been like that for me.  I kept thinking of ways on how to feel less tired, and thankfully, I was able to learn a few things from the crazy week that was.  The biggest thing I realized, though, is this: IT’S MY FAULT I’M STRESSED, because there are things I should’ve avoided and should’ve done to lessen the stress.  Yes, there ARE ways to make a busy week colorful!


JFDI stands for “Just F*****g Do it!” (haha).  I learned this from a former boss — she uses it as a mantra!  It sounds cliche, but I realized that there were tasks I should have done earlier, tasks that I shouldn’t have postponed for the following day.  I knew it could have saved me all the agitation if I had just f*****g done it.  I’m sure if I JFDI, items 2 to 4 won’t be so difficult.


A little break can work wonders.  Pausing could mean quiet time, prayer time, yoga time, watching movies, checking out social media updates, laughing or chatting with friends, or simply staring out into space doing nothing.  In my case, my pause came in the form of pizza and a movie last Friday night when I was on couch potato mode.  Come Saturday afternoon, my girl friends and I watched this:


“Pausing” wasn’t really my intention for watching this movie; I just wanted to satisfy a guilty pleasure.  It just so happened that this guilty pleasure turned out to be the pause I badly needed (even if it made me cry a crapload of tears).


Make time to do the things you want to explore, the things you love, and the things that make you come alive.  In the midst of all the busyness last week, I intentionally reserved myself a slot at Sip and Gogh.  I knew painting would relax my mind, even for a couple of hours.  Thank God it did!


I’m glad I finally got to try it there.  Such a lovely place!  I’m definitely going back!


Have you ever stayed up so late only to regret it at the first sound of your morning alarm?  Yup, it’s been like that the entire week for me!  Getting the right amount of sleep revitalizes your mind and gives you energy to get you going the next day.  It kind of works like magic.  Yes, I’ve tried it before and I HAVE to do it more often!

Now I’m psyching myself up for another week!  It WILL be busier, but I’m hoping it won’t be as stressful.  Wishing everyone a stress-free and colorful week!

How do YOU handle stressful weeks?

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