Make Time for ‘ME TIME’

Ever been so busy that you just want to shut yourself out from the world?  Oftentimes our minds just won’t leave us alone with all the stress and work matters we worry about.  This is why I make sure to always find time for “me time”.  I’d like to think I’ve pretty much “mastered” this me-time concept which I’ve been practicing for so many years now.  ME TIME is simple — it’s taking a break to keep your mind off things by doing activities you enjoy!

Here’s how I spent my ME TIME this week, maybe you can get some ideas here! :)


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Yoga!  I’m so glad that Urban Ashram is just a few meters away from my office!  I was able to do yoga thrice this week!  I don’t know if its psychological, but I think I’m starting to feel its benefits in terms of eating habits, breathing and relaxing, and the way I feel about my body (yes, for the first time in forever, I’m starting to actually feel OKAY with my body!).  Plus, I think I’ve become more relaxed and less agit.  Okay not really, but I know I’ll get there!  😉  I’ve been learning yoga through Youtube videos but my friend Aina pushed me to actually enroll in yoga classes.  Thanks, Aina!


A happy place!  Where is your happy place?  One of my happy places is the bookstore.  Earlier this week I spent a couple of minutes in Fully Booked just to browse through the books.  I usually read e-books now, but this is still a top ME TIME place.


Massage!  My number one ME TIME activity!  When I had the chance to come home early last Thursday, I immediately booked myself a massage in Chilotus, a small spa inside our village.


Solo lunch.  While I always enjoy having lunch with my workmates, I make sure to spend my lunch break in the solace of my cubicle once in a while.  It’s my way to shut off and destress in the middle of the day.  Oh, and I just started decorating my new cubicle so I’ll be more inspired to work! :)


Vast wonderland.  People say that TV is a wasteland, but I think it’s a vast wonderland!  This weekend, I’m making time to catch up on what’s been happening in wonderland, and I’ll be doing just that starting NOW.

I’ve always believed that there’s more to life than work and that we must find time to do non-work things we enjoy.  Really, I think I’d go crazy if I didn’t have ME TIME!  This is how I spent mine, but I’d like to know, how do YOU spend yours?  Give me more ideas! :)

Have a great weekend!

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