Colorful Spots

Tough weeks.  Dull days.  Stressful times.  We all experience them.  Lately, though,  I’ve been trying to notice the colorful spots in uneventful days.  We no longer need to FIND these colorful spots because they’re already there.  We just have to look a little bit closer and NOTICE them.

I was in Bohol all week for our Division Kickoff, our company’s biggest annual event.  I was in the organizing committee and we’ve been working on the project since November.  Yes it was stressful and I don’t think anyone in our office would ever want to organize the event, and I kind of understand why.  Do not get me wrong, it was a great experience!  The planning stage was enjoyable, but the week of the actual event was nerve-wracking.

Like I said, though, there were tons of colorful spots that were able to offset all the stress, like this view:

Bellevue Bohol


And this guy:

John Lloyd Cruz


And this lady, my boss, who has been nothing but supportive of me:


The team I worked with, the smiles of the community members we helped, the overall success of the event, and coming home to people I love — these have all helped make a crazy week colorful.

What were the colorful spots of YOUR week? :)

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