How I Met Your Mother: A Fan’s (Cheesy) Adieu

This is not an entry about the polarizing ending of How I Met Your Mother which, by the way, I actually liked.  This is about the show I followed my entire young adult life, one of the best series that has ever hit our TV screens.

How I Met Your Mother, for the most part, is all about the journey.  I think the reason why fans love the show so much is because the characters’ journeys are so REAL, and we’ve seen how they’ve developed through nine seasons.  The stories, situations, and moments along their journeys somehow mirror each of our own.

Sure, Ted Mosby may have said that the story was all about his love for his kids’ Aunt Robin, but this, to me, was what the show was all about:

It was about a journey to finding yourself…

Lily Aldrin San Francisco

…and then realizing that you were right where you wanted to be all along.

Lily Aldrin Teacher

It was also about struggling with crappy, meaningless jobs…

Marshall Eriksen Job

…that will eventually (and hopefully!) lead to discovering our passions

Ted Mosby Class

…and our purpose in life.

Marshall Eriksen Judge

Wanting to prove ourselves to the world and to show everyone how awesome we are…

Barney Stinson

…until we realize that it’s not  always about us.

Barney Stinson Baby

Learning to embrace and laugh about your embarrassing past, no matter how hard you try to forget about it…

Robin Sparkles

…but not letting it define your present or future, even if it always creeps in!

Robin S News

Quirky family members…

Barney Stinson Mom

hilarious best friends…


and other important people…


…whom we will never ever trade for anything else!


Taking chances with the one that could have been.

Ted Mosby and Stella

Or the one that got away.

Ted and Victoria

Or the crazy one.

Ted Mosby Crazy Girlfriend

All in the quest to finding THE one.

Ted and Tracy

After all that’s been said and done, when we reach our own destinations and achieve our goals and desires, it’s these priceless moments in our journeys that we will remember and tell stories about.

Old Ted Mosby

To the creators of How I Met Your Mother, to Ted and the gang, to everyone behind this awesome show — thank you for reminding us to make the journey LEGEN—wait for it—DARY! :)

Photo credit:, TV Fanatic, IMDB, CityTV

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