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I’m all for independence.  I’ve always believed in doing things yourself, solving your own problems, taking charge of your own life, and standing on your own two feet.  What I’ve learned in the recent years, though, is that on our journeys to living the life we want, we should never walk alone.  We are going to need help, but this doesn’t mean we’re not strong or independent.

This is kind of like when you’re driving to a new destination — you will need the help of a map, a GPS, or a friend to get you there.  I’m poor with directions — one time I ended up in Kawit, Cavite while driving to Resorts World Manila! 😮  I should have equipped myself with the right tools or asked people for directions so I wouldn’t have gotten lost.  Anyway, what I’m trying to say is this: I learned that if I want to be better at something or if I want to achieve an important goal, I will need guidance from an expert, from a mentor or a “journey coach”.

What makes a good mentor or journey coach?  The minimum requirement, of course, is that he or she should be someone you can look up to, but it doesn’t end at that.

1) For me, a good coach or mentor shares, inspires, and teaches.  I’ve seen a few corporate bigwigs who are outstanding at what they do but just seem to lack this desire to teach young talents who aspire to be like them.  My blog coach, Martine De Luna, is different.


Martine, with all her success, chooses to empower fellow and aspiring bloggers by sharing everything she knows about being a blogger of purpose and intention through her Make It Blissful Workshops and Blog Coaching Services.  When I decided to return to blogging, I figured that if I want to do this seriously and for the long haul, I’m really going to need proper guidance and training.  It was Martine who helped me find this blog’s “soul” by encouraging me to get to know myself better and dig deeper into my core.

Just last February 1, I attended another one of her workshops, the Blog Your Best Year Workshop at La Creperie in New Manila.  The tools that Martine provides us with do not only help us improve our blogs, but they also push us to live a year of inspiration, meaning and bliss.  We are also grateful that Martine gives us opportunities to connect with fellow bloggers and businesswomen.  Please visit her new website and her business site

1725317_10151854024657038_1488801608_nPhoto courtesy of Martine De Luna

2. A good coach or mentor exudes positive energy and cheers you on.  On the work front, I’m really blessed to have Shaoi as my boss and my coach at the same time.  Not everyone has this privilege.  She lets us do our own thing so we could learn, but is always there when we need her support.  When things get tough, she continues to cheer us on so we don’t get fazed.  Last year was a tough year business-wise but our team ended strong, and I believe that this was largely because of Shaoi’s positivity.

3. A good coach or mentor gives feedback, whether good or bad.  This, I guess, is the primary role of our mentors.  They are like road signs pointing you to the right direction.  In my case, both Martine and Shaoi give me feedback (yes, both good and bad!) which I try to use to help me grow as a blogger, as a professional, and as a person.

I am very grateful for my “journey coaches”, Martine and Shaoi among them.  :)

Who are YOUR mentors or your “journey coaches”?  And what, to you, makes a good journey coach? :)

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  1. Martine | WAHM. Wife. Blogging Belle.
    February 20, 2014 at 1:43 pm (5 years ago)

    Aww, thanks for the encouragement, Carmel! I love working with passionate souls like you. I think coaches are meant to find those souls they connect with the most, so that they can compliment each other. :)


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