Who are your heroes?

heroes2The world is such a crazy, complex place that more often than not, we get too absorbed in our latest worries, problems and insecurities that we fail to notice the people who help make our own little journeys much better.  Yes, these people are the heroes of this new day, and they are among us.

Who are these heroes?  It could be some stranger who offered his seat on the bus.  It could be the barista in Starbucks who offered to put more whipped cream in your drink because you wanted it.  Or, you needn’t look too far — these heroes can be your own mother who reminded you to take your vitamins this morning (we’re all still children at the end of the day, haha) or a friend who lent an ear when you’ve been stressing from work.

In my case, the people I’ve always considered heroes are those working for us in our homes and our workplaces. 

Picture1Of course, there’s my Yaya (Filipino term for “nanny”) who has been with our family for 26 years until she passed away last year.  I consider her my hero because she lived her life selflessly and treated us like her own children.  I miss her terribly.

Our family driver, Kuya Rolly, is also my hero.  He’s been with us for 15 years!  He used to drive me to and from school in high school and college, and now that I can already drive myself, he constantly reminds me to clean my car and to have it repaired.

They are the pillars of our household.  I couldn’t imagine life without them, and I guess there’s no other way to repay them but to treat them like family.  I love Kuya Rolly’s kids like my own siblings, and I’d do anything for them.

It really saddens me when I see people treat their household help badly, or call them degrading names.  The people who work in our homes are heroes — they should be respected and should not be looked down upon.

leahmaronLeah (third from left on the graduation photo) is Kuya Rolly’s eldest.  She just graduated grade school this year.  My youngest sister Miyan is in charge of tutoring her and monitoring her academic performance, but I ask her to join my painting sessions once in a while.  Holding one of her paintings is her younger brother Maron (right photo).  I love this little devil.

Another group of people I consider heroes are those in our workplaces who make sure that we operate in a safe, clean, and work-friendly environment.  I’m talking about our security guards, maintenance staff, admin personnel, messengers, receptionists and the like.  They don’t only make things easier and more convenient for us, but their warm smiles and cheerful “good morning!” greetings never fail to brighten up my day.

deledrichardThree of several of our office heroes — Ate Del, our receptionist; Kuya Ed, one of our guards, and Kuya Richard, one of our maintenance staff

I am so happy to have come across this organization, Hero of D Day, that believes in recognizing and being mindful of the heroes among us.  They believe that each one of us can become a hero by doing such.  They want to serve as a venue for people to share stories of heroes we encounter in our daily lives.


Now, let me ask you: Who are YOUR heroes?  What have they done for you lately?  How did it make you feel?  Have they inspired you to become a hero to others too? :)

You may share your answers in the comment box or better yet, write to Hero of D Day to share your hero story!  Simply email your story to them at share@heroofdday.org.  They will publish your story on their social media accounts for everyone to recognize the heroes who have made a difference in your life. :)

Please follow Hero of D Day on Facebook to read more inspiring her stories: https://www.facebook.com/heroofdday.org.

You may also follow them on Instagram: @heroofdday

Their website will be launched soon, but you may visit it to view some teasers: http://heroofdday.org/

You may also watch my hero interview on Youtube where I narrated a story on how random strangers helped me when my car broke down.  This is also one of their teasers.  Watch and be inspired!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJPTygKrhR4

May we all recognize the heroes who walk among us, and may they inspire us to become heroes ourselves.  Hope to read about your hero stories soon! :)

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