What’s your ONE WORD this 2014?  This ONE WORD encompasses your plans, your goals, and your intentions for the year.  Mine is this:


The word may seem shallow and pre-schoolish, but it’s very meaningful to me, since I’m coming from a rather dull period in my life.  In the year 2012, I got “lost” and didn’t know what to do with my life.  2013 was all about finding answers to my many life questions.  Hopefully, this year will be all about materializing those answers and making things happen.

And that’s exactly what COLOR means to me — it is having the excitement, the passion, and the energy to get things done.  It is welcoming and constantly looking for new experiences that will help me grow.  It is the absence of dullness and feeling uninspired.

So how do I plan to bring COLOR to my year?

 Work towards getting each of my goals on my Journey Board done (and reward myself after, haha).  

Explore new activities and hobbies that spark my interest.

Never. Stop. Learning.

Help others make their journeys colorful through my interactions with them, through this blog, and through my workshops.

Given all this, please expect a #colorful2014 hashtag in all my Instagram posts.  Kidding. :))

Thank you, Martine, for introducing this ONE WORD concept to us in your Blog Your Best Year workshop, which I’ll be writing about on another entry.  I wasn’t able to do this exercise coming into the year but hey, it’s the Chinese New Year!  It’s never too late! :)

How do you plan to make your journeys colorful this year?  Or, what is YOUR one word for 2014?

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