Blissful with Luminisce: Lunch with the Blissmakers


I’m happy to share that I am one of the newest Blissmakers and contributors of Make It Blissful! :) My friend Audrey and I are the first single and non-mommy contributors among a talented roster of mom writers and bloggers, and we are very touched and honored to be part of the MIB community.

As thanksgiving for 2015, some of the Blissmakers gathered together last November 22 at Le Jardin Manila for a delightful lunch organized by Audrey and her dear friend Dr. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce Clinic.

Glad how we were all able to catch up with each other when we all shared quick updates on what's been going on in our lives the past couple of months. :)

Glad how we were all able to catch up with each other when we all shared quick updates on what’s been going on in our lives the past couple of months. :)

Just like any MIB event, the venue was pretty (good job to the girls of Bouqueria Lifestyle Market!), food was awesome (thanks to Chef Jonas Ng of Le Jardin Manila!) — but my favorite part was when Dr. Kaycee openly shared with us the story of Luminisce and some highlights of what she went through to get where she is now.


After going through so many ups and downs, Dr. Kaycee realized that her mission is to help women bring out both their inner and outer beauty.  She has brought this mission to life by getting the best education abroad and eventually giving birth to Luminisce, the clinic that believes in skin care through holistic skin innovations.  She defines holistic skin innovations by digging deeper into the root of the skin problem (physiological factors, emotional triggiers, etc) and addressing them with the right combination of alternative and Western treatments.
(I recently asked Dr. Kaycee for advice on my falling hair, and she suggested that I undergo a series of lab tests to get to the root of the problem!  If you have any skin-related concerns, just drop by Luminisce at the second floor of the Mercury Drug Building in BGC!)

Dr. Kaycee is not only a good doctor — she’s also a sincere, kind, and very real person.  She only talked for a couple of minutes but I was able to very much relate to her journey, as well as the lessons she has imparted with us: 1) Pray.  2) Work hard.  3) Know and trust that you are where you are for a reason.


L-R: Dr. Kaycee Reyes, Ginger Arboleda of, Martine De Luna of, Louise Fandino of, Vanessa Salas of, Toni Tiu of, myself, and Audrey Angcos of Not in photo: Maricel Mendoza of

Another takeaway from the afternoon:  These ladies are thankful for trials, slumps, and bad hair days just as much as they’re thankful for new jobs, blooming businesses, successful events, weddings, babies, joys and triumphs.  Thank you, Audrey and Dr. Kaycee, for bringing us all together and for organizing such a meaningful event. :)

2 Comments on Blissful with Luminisce: Lunch with the Blissmakers

  1. Toni
    December 10, 2015 at 8:12 am (3 years ago)

    So happy to have met and connected with you, Carmel! I was so happy to know you were in the same industry. <3 I'm looking forward to gatherings with you again! Sana seatmates tayo ulit! :)

    • Carmel David
      December 25, 2015 at 10:02 am (3 years ago)

      Hi Toni! Waaah so sorry for the late reply!
      Yes it was nice meeting you at the event, and I’m happy to have met a fellow Blissmaker who’s in the same industry!!! :) Hope to work with you soon, whether in the corporate world or in the blogging world! See you!


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