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Make It Blissful x Fuji 1

Taking good photos is one of the gazillion things I need to improve on as a blogger and as a regular user of visual social apps like Instagram.  Good photos are an effective way of conveying a message, telling your story and of course, capturing memories!  This is why I decided to attend the Make It Blissful x Fujifilm Photography Workshop last July 18 at J Cuppacakes in Makati.  (Thanks so much for the invite, Martine!)

So what exactly happened during the workshop?  Scroll down to get a glimpse of that fun afternoon!

Make It Blissful x Fuji 2It started out with Martine giving some quick tips on how to take better photographs.  One of the most helpful (but often neglected) tips, of course, is that lighting is everything.  Follow Martine’s Instagram (@martinedeluna) — she may not be giving photography tips on her Instagram accounts but she takes the loveliest photos which you can definitely learn from! :)

Make It Blissful x Fuji 4The Fuji team then made us apply what Martine has taught us using their cameras!!! Their featured camera was the Fuji X-A2 which I’d definitely purchase if I only had the budget right now!  I’ve seen how it could take sharper portraits, clearer night shots, and more “true to life” travel photos.  Visit this site and see for yourself!

Make It Blissful x Fuji 5My fellow bloggers had an enjoyable time trying out the Fuji cameras by taking snapshots of items prettily styled by Boqueria Lifestyle Market!  In the photo above: Sheila Catilo, Love Ocampo, Marilen Montinegro, and Rhiza Oyos.

Make It Blissful x FujiThe photo above was by Love Ocampo.  Love was taking a photo of Audrey taking a photo of Rikka taking a photo of me!  All using Fuji cameras, of course!  Thanks, loves! :)

Make It Blissful x Fuji 7Our venue sponsor, J Cuppacakes, then served us these delicious snacks!  This is one of the rare times I’ve taken food shots because I suck at them, haha.  I decided to take a shot at it because this was a photography event! :p

Martine De LunaThank you, Martine and Fujifilm, for such a light and relaxing afternoon.  Looking forward to future collaborations! 😉

Make It Blissful x Fuji 8Our loot from the event! :)  Camera strap from Henry’s Professional, teacup from Boqueria Lifestyle Market, and the cute pink eco bag from Maricel Mendoza of A Sweet Cottage! Thank you, all! :)  You may check out the official event hashtags on Instagram: #fujifilmphlifestyle, #teaminstaxph, #blissfulwithfujifilmph.

We can apply all the photography tips and tricks we learn but at the end of the day, what’s important is that our photos are real and authentic.  To see my attempts at taking good photographs and capturing the things I find interesting, you may follow me on Instagram. :)

Have a great weekend!

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