Thank You!!!

I’ve been working on Pink My Ride for quite some time now and I’m loving every single thing about it.  I feel giddy whenever I visit my own site (forgive the narcissism but I really do, haha!).  I get all excited when an idea for an entry suddenly pops up!  I feel touched and somewhat fulfilled whenever I receive a comment or a private message from readers saying how much an entry engages or inspires them.  I don’t fancy myself a good writer.  Never have.  But I do love to blog, and I blog for reasons I’ve already shared before.

Anyway, this entry will not be about me and my blog.  I’m not alone on this blogging journey.  This is dedicated to those people who have helped make Pink My Ride come alive.  While this blog was being developed on its way to its birth stage, I was also rediscovering myself and slowly coming alive as well.  So yes, these people have done so much more than help launch a website —  they’ve all helped reboot someone’s life. :)

Walk with the knowledge that you are never alone

THANK YOU # 1: The first THANK YOU goes out to friends and loved ones who encouraged me to return to blogging, and to those who cheered me on when I decided to go for it.  You know who you are! :)  During a period in my life when so much was going on, when I was down and looking for more meaning and excitement — these people told me to blog again.  This means so much to me because it shows how much they know me, the REAL me, when I wasn’t so sure of myself.    I really wouldn’t have jumped back into the blogsphere if it weren’t for their backing.

THANK YOU # 2: Then came Martine De Luna.  When I finally decided to blog again, I told myself that I had to do it right.  I wanted to blog with purpose, and I needed inspiration to get me started.  So I started googling “blogging workshops”.  I sort of laughed and rolled my eyes at myself while searching and thought, “a workshop on BLOGS, really?  As if someone would conduct those things.”

But then I was wrong!  I found it — Google revealed that there IS someone who actually conducts these workshops for people like me, and it’s no less than Martine De Luna aka Dainty Mom!  I got excited that her next workshop was only two weeks from that time, and it was here in Manila, in BGC to be exact, a place I always frequent!    So I attended Martine’s workshop and got the boost that I needed.  After a few months, I decided to officially get her as my blog coach and mentor.

Martine’s branding exercises weren’t easy for me, because it required a lot of self-discovery.  I had to do homework that required answering questions like, “What are your values?”, “What is your mission?”, and “What are your interests?”.  I was like, “Sh*t, what on earth do I put here?!  There’s nothing special about me!”.  So much was going on back then, and I wasn’t confident.  But then I wanted to move forward, learn and rediscover myself so I took the exercise seriously.  Martine took me seriously, too — she was very patient with me, especially when she asked me to redo one of the worksheets because it lacked meat.

My answers to the exercise questions were vague and uncertain but somehow and amazingly, Martine was able to help make them come out and articulate them in such a way that perfectly describes who I am and what I want this blog to be.  And so after the self-discovery and branding part, we went on to work on the design and eventually mounted this blog.

I’ve said this before and I’m saying it again — thank you, Martine, for all the support and guidance! :)

THANK YOU # 3: Thank you to Martine’s partners — Jenn Ang-Tan and Marge Aberasturi for the web hosting.  Up until this very day, they’re very supportive in answering questions I may have, especially when my blog was affected by that Heartbleed bug.  Thank you also to Carl Festejo, the programmer who installed my WordPress theme. :)

Again, thank you for being with me on my journey toward blissful blogging! :)

For information on Martine De Luna’s services for bloggers and businesses, visit her website at  For information on her Make It Blissful blog workshops, visit

2 Comments on Thank You!!!

  1. Quing
    May 10, 2014 at 7:50 am (5 years ago)

    Happy for you, Carmel! :) Really glad that you finally have your own domain. Know that I’m one of your avid (very 90’s ang term hahaha!) readers!

    • Carmel David
      May 11, 2014 at 10:41 am (5 years ago)

      Hahahaha parang “televiewers” lang, very 90’s! :)) Thanks, Quing!!! It means a lot. :)


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