One of the most important lessons I learned last year is the power of GOALS.  I realized that the so-called quarter-life crisis I experienced before was largely caused by one thing — I’ve already achieved some goals, but I forgot to set new ones for myself.  The process of goal-setting is the first step towards coloring the journey.

While I was doing some goal-setting last year, I was reintroduced to something really helpful — vision boards.  I used to have one but it didn’t really work, so I came up with my own version of a vision board which I’d like to call a JOURNEY BOARD.  The journey board I created last year really helped, and I felt really fulfilled being able to check each item on the board one by one.

After going through a period of confusion in which I didn’t know what my purpose and goals were, I made it my personal mission to help others reflect on what they want in life and map out their goals.  I read and studied books and articles on goal-setting and vision boards, then integrated some concepts to develop a new method of creating a journey board.  Thus, the Journey On Board Workshop was born.


The output of the Journey On Board Workshop is this: Your journey mapped out on a simple board.  In the workshops, participants will be introduced to a fun and different approach to goal-setting.  On this blog, I’ll be featuring some of my most memorable workshops, and the things I’ll be learning from them.

Contact me for more information on the Journey On Board workshops.


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