Christmas Gift Ideas: Travel Essentials

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If you have family members or friends who love to travel during their leaves and days off, a simple clear book from National Bookstore would be a good Christmas gift.  Haha! Seriously, I used it to organize my tickets, maps, and travel guides shown on the photo above.  If you have extra budget though, they might appreciate these Christmas gift ideas from Filipino-owned businesses/entrepreneurs!  Or, you might as well consider getting these for yourself as they will surely come in handy during your 2016 trips!  Enjoy!

Luminisce Sunblock


Luminisce Sunblock is one of the newest babies of Dr. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce Skin Clinic!  During my recent trip to Sagada with my friends, I made sure that I always had this with me because for the longest time, I underestimated the harmful effects of “bad sunlight” on the skin.  So far, I’m happy because my skin feels protected.  It’s actually not only for travel but is also recommended for daily use.

Luminisce Sunblock contains Tinosorb M (a water soluble ingredient that is added to the sunscreen to provide additional UV absorption), Zinc Oxide (has a wide range of benefits, including protection against UVA and UVB rays), Titanium Dioxide (reduces risk of skin cancer), and Citrolumin 8 (helps in eliminating age spots and in providing overall luminosity).  Spent a number of years of my career in the pharma industry — I made sure to research all of this before using it! :)

The sunblock is available at the Luminisce Clinic at the Mercury Drug Building in BGC.  You  may visit the Luminisce website here.

Lulu Swing Envelope Clutch and Taco

Lulu Swing

One thing I’ve learned from my recent trip to Europe: You’ll be spared from all hassles if you’re organized.  Lulu Swing offers items that will help you organize your stuff when traveling.  My personal favorites are the envelope clutches (they come in different colors) and the taco for my phone chargers!  They can even personalize and monogram them for you!

Lulu Swing was born out of Isa Abonal‘s innate love for advertising, creativity, and anything and everything pretty!  She was introduced to me by a common friend and has since then been a supporter of my and Audrey’s events.

For more information on their other products and how to order, check out Lulu Swing online: Facebook, Instagram, official website

ANMA Lifestyle Bag Tags

Anma Philippines

The name AnMa was derived from the name Anna Marasigan, the owner herself!  AnMa’s concept: A lifestyle of stylish yet functional items that lets you see the world instead of worrying about the little things.  An example of such items is the bag tag shown on the photo above.

Recognizing the limited local selection of travel accessories, ANMA Lifestyle tries to encapsulate three basic elements in every piece: simplicity, practicality, quality.

You may visit them at Retail Lab Rockwell, Suelas Showroom in Jupiter, Makati, The Penthouse in BF Homes Paranaque, and in FASH Katipunan.  You may also check them out online: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Official Website

Don’t you just love how local businesses come up with all these travel essentials?  Please do check them out!  I do hope you support these local businesses not just during the holidays but all-year round. Enjoy shopping! :)

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